Spencer in the canola fields in Germany. 
Because of your blog post, Grandma, I am now addicted. I decided to spend the $2.99 on the Watercolor app yesterday when I realized I had $13 on my iTunes account. Yippi, me! Immediate creative satisfaction!
Desserts from our wedding.
Breakfast in the morning.
Me! Thanks for taking the pic, Mom.
Linnich, Germany. 
Gahhh! The monastery in Hedersleben, Germany in watercolor! SO going on the wall! Look at that willow tree. Hey, this could be the cover of my book! Would Waterlogue be okay with that? 🙂
Thanks, Sara, for taking this picture of my lace and shoes at the wedding. Which one do you guys like better– the one above or the one below?
Spencer and me.
Thanks, Grandma, for your blog post. I’ll be on a creative high for the next three days.


  1. I love these. It’s so addictive, isn’t it? When I first got it, I’d stay up late in the night and make pictures!

  2. Sooo addictive.

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