Spencer has been a non-stop hard worker all summer. That is something I’ve always admired. He just gets up and does what he has to do. When something’s wrong with the car, he fixes it. And when he doesn’t know how to fix it, he learns how to fix it. He gets up at 5:30 on Saturdays and works until the afternoon. He does his Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday callings. He studies late in the evenings and still makes dinner or cleans the dishes.
He finds joy in everything he does. When he comes home from checking the church, he says, “I know where the hidden stashes of fruit snacks are.” And when he’s setting up sprinklers and mowing lawns, he’s dreaming about moving to Australia and how he’s going to make that happen. When we prepare to do our calling on Mondays that can sometimes be uncomfortable, he says, “I hope there are cookies in the room today!” 
He knows who he is and loves who he is. I love this about Spencer. I love that he will talk forever about Star Wars with his brother and talk about ruling the world with Maxwell. I love that he loves toys and he doesn’t think he has to put on a show at church and he says what he wants. I love that he doesn’t worry about people liking him. He is who he is.
Two years of smiling and kissing and shouting and storming and crying and apologizing and forgiving and smiling and kissing and it has been wonderful.
Love you, sweets.