We’ve entered our first week of school and I’ve never been happier buying school supplies. I’m taking a watercolor class to fill my fine arts credit, so I get to spend school money on paints, brushes, and palettes. Not a bad way to spend money, ay?
This semester is going to be easy. I’m finishing off my required Intro to Business course, presenting on anything German in my 1-credit capstone class, Watercolor, and taking Spanish just for fun.
Spencer, on the other hand, is taking 18 credits. Let’s all do our lucky dances for him so that he will make it through.
I had way too much time on my hands this summer. I realized that when I’m not busy I get jittery. And I think too much and I hit a big slump. Seriously, all summer I was just dying to get out of here. I just wanted to move. I still feel like that, but it’s good to be distracted by both school and work and concentrate on other things.
I think moving away would do me some good healing. There’s power in being the only Mormon around. It’s hard and there’s sadness with that too, but it’s like tearing off stereotypes and labels when it’s just you. It bothers me when people are unhappy where they live and it annoyed me in school when people talked about how lame Utah is, like they weren’t one of us. So I feel a little silly about complaining so much. Utah will always be home base, but I need to find another home right now. I just need it.
Spencer and I talked about dreams the other day. We can’t seem to agree on a place to live. Well that’s not true. We love Berlin, the idea of Australia sounds nice, South America would be an adventure–it’s when we’re talking about America that it gets tricky. I want to live on the east coast, he’d rather be in west. He likes the idea of Alaska, but for me that’s like the last place I’d ever want to live (visit, always. live? naaahh).
I got off track. From the rules of blogging, I should have stuck with my picture and made this post all about school so I could pin it and be like “How to… have cute school supplies” or some crap like that. Oh dear.
What is this blog even about?
I’ve been spending a TON of time on my blog. Like I’m trying to fix the comment box for y’all so it’s more user friendly, so you don’t have to sign in to anything. I did a ton of research on that and now I feel like I just need to move over to WordPress, but that sounds like the scariest thing on planet.
When I think about “getting big” on the blog, I start thinking about what thing I’d focus on. Travel? I can’t do none of that DIY stuff or cooking stuff or sewing stuff or baking stuff. All I can do is write and take pictures here and there and talk about being Mormon and being a girl and being anxious and being a wanderluster and being sad and sentimental and being me.
I could start making more vids. That’s fun.
Now I’m just sucking you into my thoughts (like that never happens). Do you know I’m a pretty anxious gal? You do? I’ve told you that a million times? Oops. Sorry.
I went on a four mile trail run with Amber and Charlie today. It was so empowering to run up that steep mountain, get to the top of the trail, and see all of the lights in the valley. It was still dark out–only a subtle violet in the sky. I am amazed by the strength and confidence running has given me. I love running with Spencer too.
I also ate half a tub of ice cream today, so there’s that.
One thing I read today as I was learning more about blogs was, just love your blog. Don’t try to change yourself to please others, hoping to get more readers. I looove this blog, I love my teeny community. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your comments. I’ve loved getting to know you guys. Again and again, thank you. Loves to all of you.


  1. Your blog is my favorite blog. I would much rather read the tamblings of Anne than another DIY post.

    I love you.

    • You’re the best, Lu. It still surprises me when I see a comment from you–like you’re still on your mission. 🙂

  2. Your last paragraph is exactly what I was going to say. Be you!

    • Okay. Me. Yes. Got it. 🙂
      So, so excited about you and Matt’s new blog!

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