^When I’m in church I take notes and try to make them pretty.
This quote comes from my lesson I taught Sunday. The lesson was on Solomon and how he asked the Lord for an understanding heart so he could lead the kingdom of Israel. The Lord was so happy with this desire and his humility that he blessed him with an understanding heart and even more–honor and riches. But later on his honor got to his head and while he created a temple, he spent more time on his own palace in the forest of Lebanon. Everything in his palace was gold.
We first talked about our personal talents, strengths, and blessings from God. Then we talked about how even our strengths could be misused. I brought up my calling and what a blessing it is for me to teach and be forced to read my scriptures, but I could misuse my blessing to teach by talking about whatever I was most passionate about and not teaching what God wants. I’m really grateful for all of the people who raised their hand and added to the discussion. I felt the spirit so strongly all weekend.
On Sunday we saw my brother-in-law Kevin for the first time in a month and a half. He’s been living the life in Europe with a group of BYU students. He came home with good stories to tell, beautiful stories, bars and bars of Swiss chocolate, and gifts for us all. He bought each of the ladies in the family a pair of earrings and then something that fit us all. For me, it was a leather journal from Italy with the Florence emblem on it. Jackpot. For Spencer, Kevin got him a swiss army knife with his name engraven–first and last name. We all thought Kevin was the bomb dig.
Today was Spencer’s official summer. He finished his finals on Friday. We slept in and hung out together all morning. Then we bought him a book at Barnes & Noble and headed to Spencer’s grandma’s to swim in her pool. I’ve tried to take advantage of any pool day I could get this summer. I read a little bit of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Then Spencer and I jumped in.

We had one good sunny hour until the a giant black cloud turned into thunder, lightning, then heavy rain. Nothing is better than summer storms.
Joan, Spencer and I waiting for the rain to die down before we bolted for Joan’s house.
We stayed at Joan’s for a while and ate pizza and creamies and chit chatted.
I just loved being with Spencer today. I loved waking up late and playing with just him in the pool. I love him being home.