I have finally learned the ways of thrift store shopping. When Spencer and I first got married, all he wanted to do in our free time was go to Deseret Industry, Utah’s main thrift store. I’d roll my eyes. But now it’s a team effort at DI. We check for milk glasses, frames, art, shirts, books, and lamps.
My milk glass collection is actually becoming a collection. Last week I found two of the mini bowls at DI for under 50 cents and the two ash trays for $1 each at Saver’s. They’re just too beautiful and too cheap NOT to get them.
^These milk glasses are on my desk in the main hallway. I get so excited to sit down and work now because the desk space looks so pretty and colorful. I always need chapstick, so I also put them in a milk glass on my desk.
I am in love with this ash tray! I wanted this milk glass in a place I would see everyday, so I put a few glasses in my closet and use them for my bracelets and earrings. I never thought the DI could make me so happy.
 I’ve been in crazy organizing mode for the past week because it’s the end of the summer and we’re going back to school on Monday and our house will fall apart like it always does during school. So yay for organizing and yay for a clean house and yay for milk glasses!