Spencer’s aunt Shelly asked me to take back up photos during Kaeli and John’s wedding reception. While I was running around taking photos of cake and sweets and Kaeli and John and family, I was able to get a few treasures of the L&G family (along with a few photos of me, because there ain’t no party without me, right Megan? (you like how I randomly bring up Megan? I didn’t know she’d pop into this sentence so unexpectedly. Jeez, Megan, get out of my sentence, this is about my family!)). Katie was not around because she’s out of the state playing college volleyball cause she’s cool like that.
I’ll post more wedding pictures later, but for now, let’s all enjoy these photos of Spencer and Kevin laughing together. How about we guess what they were thinking and talking about. If you guess right, I’ll give you a virtual high five.
Hint: Spencer is looking at me in this photo so guesses can be “my sexy lady,” “mmm-hmm” or all of the above.
Just two brothers sharing the light together. Real presh.
Gayla’s like, the crap are they talking about?
…HAHAHA and Lloyd’s like, this is so inappropriate but… a little funny.
First time I’m actually looking at this picture. Yep. This one’s my favorite.
Laughing at their ability to make their father uncomfortable. (Oops, I guess I was supposed to keep quiet while you guessed. I just can’t keep my mouth shut)

Always happy to get a picture with this hottie.