Alyssa’s Great Gatsby themed party for her husband, Gideon, was the highlight of our weekend. We said goodbye to the roaring 20s as Gideon turned 30, and celebrated with vests, dresses, hats, and twinkle lights. Ahh, twinkle lights.
I’m so glad I know Alyssa. She brings a spunky spirit wherever she goes.
Gideon, the birthday man.
Alyssa, party planner genius.
Food & drinks.

The stars of the party.

The group.
S & me.
Night glow.
My favorite things about this party:
-Artsy, smart, hilarious people (can it get any better than that?)
-Spencer, Spencer, Spencer (okay, it can)
-Twinkle lights
-Sparkling cider
-Sparkly dresses
What is your favorite party you ever went to? Why did you love it? Was it the atmosphere, the people, the food? I’d love to know.
Happy Monday, friends. Kiss kiss.


  1. Habe ich Dir eigentlich schon geschrieben, wie toll ich Deine Fotos finde? Sie sind ein Vorbild für mich und ich werde versuchen, irgendwann auch so schöne Fotos wie Du hinzubekommen.

    • Dankeschön, ;). Aber ich finde deine Fotos total schön auf Instagram! Ich glaub’ du kannst schon solche Fotos machen!

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