This semester I’m taking a watercoloring class to fill one of my required fine arts credits. I took the class because I knew it’d be a good reason to go to the art store and spend a buttload of money on art supplies. I have legit paintbrushes, paints, a giant clipboard, and a palette. I feel soooo cool.

It makes our apartment a huge mess.

BUT it’s been so much fun to learn the strokes and techniques of watercolor. I made this lighthouse in two minutes and Diana, my teacher, loved it. I loved it too. It was the first time I looked down and thought “Yes! I’m turning this in!” and my hour long pieces got shoved in the corner. I was trying to copy some artists on YouTube and I was getting so angry and bored. So I put a timer on for two minutes and forced myself to paint like crazy. And this is what I got. The lighthouse in Sylt.

We’re now working on wet-on-wet techniques and I’m frustrated again with my painting of Flensburg.

“I feel like a four-year-old,” I said to Diana.

“That’s what you’re supposed to feel like,” she said. “You’re getting it. Just keep going.”

Phewf! Hard, but rewarding.

Are you working on a project?
How do you stay creative?
How do you keep having fun when it gets hard?


  1. Ein wahnsinnig tolles Bild. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert, wie andere mit ein paar Pinselstrichen sooooooo viel ausdrücken können und ich liebe dieses Bild von Sylt. GROßARTIG!!!!

    • Petra dankeschön! Dein Kommentar hat mich sehr gefreut. Du bist einfach zu nett. 🙂 Ich denke auch so über deine Fotos auf Instagram!

  2. It’s a lovely lighthouse painting.

    • Thank you, Sarah. P.S. I called your name outside of the conference center the other day. You looked, but didn’t see me in the massive crowd. 🙂

  3. This is really a wonderful painting. I don’t know why, but fussing over a painting usually doesn’t work. So. Glad you’re doing this. Kisses.

    • Thank you, Grandma.

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