One of the million things that make me anxious is fall. Fall brings its radiant leaves during the busiest time of school–when I can’t get my butt up the canyon. I’m nervous that I’m going to “miss” fall, that I’m not going to enjoy the leaves as much as I want.
It’s true that the leaves only stay until a wind picks up or until it rains. But on Monday we still got to see a lot of the golden trees up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Anytime I go up the canyons I remember why Utah is so, so beautiful. This is only twenty minutes away from my house.
Spencer was trying to be dorky and pose a few of his “contemplation” faces. I just think he’s hot.
I finally bought something with the $20 Down East gift card I got from winning the 5K and bought this rad sweater. I’ve worn it everyday since.

We went around two thirds of the lake with the cool breeze and didn’t expect to see this at the end. It looks like Narnia!

Ugh, look at that yellow. Look at the mountain.
My last day of school before fall break was last Thursday. That night I pulled an overnighter trying to get a group project and some of my watercolor paintings done. I knew as I was walking into my watercolor class that I had done the painting wrong and I hadn’t spent a lot of time on it. Heavenly Father, cut me some slack. I’ve been working on that darn group project for 14 hours. Please, please, cut me some slack.
Diana got to my painting that was pinned on the wall along with the others. She chewed me out.
Why didn’t you save me? Gosh, that was so embarrassing. I haven’t slept at all and I’m so tired, I just want to cry. Why didn’t you help me out here? Helloooooo?
At the end of class period, Diana said, “You know what? I really want you guys to master this, so if there are some who don’t feel great about their paintings, you can redo them over fall break. If you’re not happy with these ones, they won’t be counted against your grade. Enjoy your break!”
Oh. Right. On Your time. That was even better. Oops. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Oh gosh, thank You.
I’ve been sick since Thursday, trying to get back to my sleeping habits after that all-nighter. I also haven’t been running and it’s killing me. We have still been super busy, but I think today I’ll get a nice break. I think I’ll work on something around the house–something that I’ve been wanting to work on. Or I’ll go on a run. What are you doing today?
Have a lovely Wednesday.

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  1. Ha ha …. like that….. looks like Narnia!
    Lovely pictures and a lovely location.

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