Hello guys and dolls. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy Fall. Happy October.

It’s 12:40p.m. and I’ve only gotten up to pee and eat an M&M cookie leftover from yesterday’s girls night. I’m not getting up because it was a harder week than usual and I had eight fabulous girls over and it included planning a Halloween Party (people, I’m planning a party without my mom!) so what I’m getting at is, no, I’m not getting out of bed anytime soon because having too much fun for me requires an introverted hangover.

My neighbor stayed until midnight talking with Spencer and me. We’ve lived next to her for two years and never really knew her. We laughed and laughed at her stories. After I learn new things about a person, I have to go to bed for a while and, like, process everything I just learned. People are fun.

It’s also too cold to get out of bed.

I spent twenty minutes crying on a bench on campus this week. Haha! Nothing is worse than crying in public. It’s the most horrific thing ever. And I was trying to call Spencer but he was with people and I didn’t want people around me to hear that I was crying. And when I cry I have to talk louder to get over that weird choke hold, y’know? He finally figured out where I was and found me on a bench. He just held me for a while. And it reminded me of the first time we ever had a conversation–it was October, like now, and he had also walked up to me sitting on a bench. From where we sat this week, I could see the bench we sat on two years ago. I was sad and in love all at the same time.

Even though I want to be done with school, I love that I can hold hands with my hubby on campus and meet up with him to study. I love that.

Spanish and Watercolor are the best things ever. Gawl, Spanish is SO MUCH FUN. I can’t believe how much of my own studies and being in Mexico with Ana and Megan have helped me. I already knew all of the verb conjugations. I know a ton of verbs because in high school I used to write them out in Spanish, Italian, and French and just stick it on my wall. I liked looking at the similarities and patterns. Spanish is not easy, but I soak it all up. I love doing my homework.

I went to the yellow house the other day to meet up with Ana and Megan. I walked into my house and saw Curtis lying on the couch in the living room, Harrison on his computer, and Maxwell spreading Nutella on a piece of bread. My heart! I was fifteen all over again.

I painted my dog, Miss Cairo, earlier this week. I let myself mourn. I let myself think about her. I wrote a giant paragraph and then deleted it. I’ve tried a million times to write about her on the blog, but for some reason I always delete it. I never thought I’d be this sad about her dying.

*I’d like you to know that it’s 1:50p.m. now and Spencer called me to come pick him up and I am making the difficult decision of putting my pants on. Be back in a bit.*

Nah, I’m done now. Spencer’s hungry, I’m hungry, I have clothes on and it’s time to get up. Goodbye.

You can comment below to tell me about your own weekly ramblings. I’d love to hear. 🙂


  1. I am STILL in bed because I have a bad sore throat and secretly think I have ebola. But probably not.

    • Dammit, Ebola. I’m freaking out too!
      I’m sorry about your soar throat, :/. How long have you had it? Keep drinking water.

    • Also, I have a couple other things to show you for your blog. So when you feel better, let me come play!

    • Yes, please!

  2. Reading your blog is very retrospective for me. (15ish years) The only difference is that I can barely speak English and you’re studying really interesting things. Thanks for letting me stalk your life.

    • Hi Rachel. I recognize your small bubble picture from my Gma’s blog. Thanks for the stalk. 🙂

  3. The Introvert Hangover. Yes! That was me today, too. I finally took off my robe and put on real clothes at 2:55 pm, only because I had to go pick up the boys from a friend’s house. Ramble: I was coming off a week including Women’s Conference with women I don’t know very well (I knew I heard someone calling my name!) (plus out to dinner with them after); people over for Sunday dinner; teaching about authors and art to fourth- and first-graders; meeting with crazy parents at school; meeting with crazy scouts and parents at church; and a visiting teaching appointment that went for 3 hours. Plus, of course the usual exhaustion of keeping children alive, clean, and combed. Mayhem! Too much talking! Hangover days are good.

    • I love this so much. I wish you a relaxing weekend. Hey, it’s general conference. You can sit in your robe all day!

  4. I was trapped next to a lady for 6 hours and she never. stopped. talking.
    As soon as I was able, I escaped.
    I am going to need at least 12 hours of no faces talking at me to recover.

    • I think we all need to learn to get up and say “Okay time for me to leave, goodbye!” Hahaha. Have a good hangover.

  5. Love it, some days you just have to take some down time. It’s Monday & I went out, did photos for my blog and have been on the sofa in slippers ever since. Ummm, maybe you can toss me a cookie hee hee, I haven’t unparked my hind quarters for lunch yet

    • Ooo, Kellie, that’s what I need. Slippers. Slippers and a cute robe. Then I can stay in bed all day. 😉

  6. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what my week is like. Maybe I will blog my week one week….I’m a stay at home wife…kids all grown but 9 grandchildren…can I say this?… My idiot brother… was having lunch with us one day and I was talking about all I do…and he snorted..”all you do? What do you do? you don’t even have a job.”…thankfully my baby son (32) was across the table as I glared at my brother incredulously…when my son says Are you kidding???? She does everything, she’s the one who keeps us all going!!! She’s busier than all the rest of us put together!” Bless my baby. I will tell you…I rarely have a day without laughter nor a day without tears… That’s life. I enjoyed your sweet post…

    • I think you should totally blog your week. It makes us all feel more real. Oh dear. I’m so sorry about your brother. So glad you had your son to stand up for you. I really appreciate your comment! I hope you can find time this week to relax, even when you have busy days.

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