This was me from Sunday night until yesterday. Uggh, the worst! I had the first real panic attack of the year on Monday. I haven’t gone running in a couple of weeks, but after this, I thought heck no I am not dealing with this, I’m going running.

Like I said in my last post, I pulled an all-nighter trying to finish a few projects before fall break and my body has been jacked up ever since! I was sick and exhausted all of fall break and when I came back on Monday it was like, Wait. We have to do this again? No, Anne, nooooo! and at 8pm I went into panic.

It was a cray cray week. Super, super busy. But I finished my last big thing at 5pm today, so now I get to sit, relax, blog, and paint.

I got my anxious photo inspiration from BAN.DO founder Jen Gotch, who posted the photo (below) of her dealing with an anxiety attack. I thought it was the coolest (and saddest, kind of) thing ever, so I did a 15-minute “How Anne Looks When She’s Anxious” photoshoot yesterday. I was going to post them all, and then I was like naaaah.

I’m in the “I want to make a ridiculously fun business” mood and I’m thinking about getting an MBA. That partly sounds fun. This is probably also influenced by Jen Gotch. You should follow her on Instagram. It’s fun. But is getting an MBA stupid? I don’t know. [Must stop thinking about it now.]

Okay, I need to watch a movie while I paint, so what should I watch? A romantic comedy, please! Something not stupid. I mean, it can be a little stupid. Legally Blonde is good stupid. Sweet Home Alabama is just stupid. Ideas? Please please?


  1. I had my first panic attack the night before I auditioned for graduate school the first time. I was sweating, shaking and could hardly breathe. And I was in the EXACT position as you are in your picture. It’s the worst. The very very worst. Thinking of you. xo

    And as far as romantic comedies go: (not to brag, but I feel like I’m good at film prescribing…)
    13 Going on 30
    You’ve Got Mail
    One Fine Day
    While You Were Sleeping
    (I’m in a 90s mood apparently…)

    • I love your comment. Thank you.
      These are fab movies. The only one I haven’t seen is One Fine Day, so here I go. Kiss kiss.

  2. Too bad you can’t smoke.

  3. Haha.

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