On Halloween in Utah it was 75 degrees Fahrenheit. We wore jeans and short sleeves and spent the evening outside like it was a summer garden party. Amber, Charlie and I put on a Halloween party for our neighbors and family in our little courtyard. With lots of help from Spencer, we hung twinkle lights, blew up balloons, decorated the tables, and stuck spider webs in the trees.

We had junky food, like pizza and mummy hot dogs and cookies. And it was perfect, because they were all a bunch of starving married students. The party started at 6 and by 5:45 people were already outside. Once you have your costume on, the party has started.

Rad costumes.
The cute witch and vampire couple.
The cool kids.
Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Baby moments.
Dad, me and Frida Kahlo.
The bananas.
Moon, lights, party.
Trick-or-treaters snagging some Mexican Coke.
 Mario and the gals.
And of course this moment needs to be documented, because I can’t help myself.
Goodbye, October. You were good to me this year.