New Years Eve dresses under $100! #NYE #Sparkle

1. Lucca Couture Striped Fit-&-Flare Dress
2. ARK & CO. All Over Sequin Mini
3. Volcom ‘Ace’ Lace & Mesh Detail Shift Dress
4. Aidon Mattox Lace & Tulle Dress
5. Vince Camuto S/L Textured Faux Leather Fit & Flare Dress
6. Aryn K Sequin Shift Dress
7. Leith Multicolored Sequins Dress
8. Jump Juniors’ Sleeveless Lace Dress
9. Ruby Rox Juniors Dress, Sleeveless Mesh Paillettes
10. Sara Iridescent Sequin Wrap Dress

If there is one thing that I spend too much on (that doesn’t include Reese’s Puffs), it’s dresses. In middle school I had a big crush on this boy named Jaron and the only way we could hang in the Utah suburbs without drivers licenses was to attend the regional dances. I was one of “those girls” that went to every single regional dance. Jaron wasn’t in my region, so I was hitting up two regional dances every month. And I HAD to have a new dress for every dance. Two new dresses a month, people! I spent a lot of babysitting money at Ross, okay?

When I was in Germany as a foreign exchange student, I found out about MANGO. We don’t have MANGO in Utah. It took me everything I had each month to keep me from buying MANGO dresses. Near the end of the exchange I caved and bought myself a short floral dress that I wore around Washington D.C. at the end of the exchange. My friend Sara also wore a short floral skirt. She looked better in hers.

There was a summer when I visited my grandma and grandpa in New York City and, with my parents cash, I bought two flowy summer dresses. You know, the ones you put on just so you can watch yourself twirl in front of the mirror. I’ve always been in love with dresses.

Now it’s close to New Years Eve and I’ve been online shopping like a crazy lady and have bookmarked, like, 50 dresses. I’ve narrowed them down to 10. I’m in love with all of these dresses. Which one do you like?


  1. Heather

    I understand. I have a thing for dresses too, which makes no sense since I am self-employed, have an office at home and spend most of my day cleaning up after my 3 yr. old granddaughter. And I no longer have the adorable calves that caught my then future husband’s attention.
    Yet- I have a closet full of pretty dresses I only wear to church on Sunday so Jesus will say I look nice.
    I vote you get dress # 8, 10 and 1. You deserve ALL The DRESSES!

  2. I love #3 and #6. Really cute picks!
    Alana (@ I have a Future and a Hope) recently posted…Recipe: Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Bars DessertMy Profile

  3. Ana

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #5.

  4. I love the first dress! I always go for an LBD though. Such a classic! P.S. I stalk MANGO online all the time… =)

  5. I love the sassiness of #8

  6. I’m torn between #3, Volcom ‘Ace’ Lace & Mesh Detail Shift Dress and #8, Jump Juniors’ Sleeveless Lace Dress. Beautiful choices!!
    Debbie recently posted…Spread a Little Light AroundMy Profile

  7. I LOVE #8 and #9, now I only wish I had parties to go to so I could wear something like them!
    Tara Joy recently posted…French Friday: Des Memoires de NoëlMy Profile

  8. I love #3 and #9 but they’re all fab 🙂
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  9. I was a total tomboy, so I hated wearing dresses until I caught what I like to refer to as girl disease in college, haha. (I did love shopping at Ross though! So many great deals!) I’m more okay with wearing them now though? 😛 You’re kinda making me wish I had a party to go to so I could have an excuse to wear one! I love #8!
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    • Hahaha, I love this! Yes, I know. I need to put on an uber fancy party or something. Or maybe I can’ just wear it, drink some sparkling cider, and call it a night. 😉
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  10. Wow! These dresses are stunning! Very beautiful collection:)
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  11. Petra

    Ich liebe Nr. 9

    • Ich auch! Ich glaub’ das ist mein lieblings.

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