550872_3912829735201_1350339462_n(Sorry, not sorry, Em… And Sara. Hahahahahahahaha.)

It was a long and lovely winter break. Emily came home from her mission and I bawled like a little girl as I watched her at the pulpit and as I sat in the ward I lived in until I was eleven. I ran my fingers through the patterns carved into the wooden benches, like I used to when I tried to keep my eyes open during sacrament meeting. I thought about Grandpa coming to our ward and showing me how to read the hymns, even though I already knew how. I remembered when I ran up to sing the last verse of some song during the primary program and Nathan Brown tripped me on the way up. I remembered Melissa getting confirmed in Sacrament Meeting after being baptized and at the time I had no idea she had a little sister with whom I’d become best friends.

After church we went to Marlies’ house because we couldn’t get enough of Emily and Marlies and Jerry. We met David, her now fiancé, who is a total sweetheart. I searched for Libby, who lay underneath the table in the kitchen licking her paws. I made kissy noises and rubbed my fingers together like I used to, and sure enough she walked out from underneath the table and said hello to me.

“So are you pregnant?” Emily asked.


“Are you trying?”


“Why not?”

“Em! Because!”

“Can I be in the room when you have your baby?”


“Can I be the Godmother?”


“Can I cut the umbilical chord?”


“Anne do I need to give you a conference talk on having babies?”



And then later.

“So are you gonna marry David?” I ask quietly with a cookie in my mouth.

“It seems that way,” Emily hides a smile.

“When’s the wedding?”

And my mom in a loud voice, “WAIT! DID I JUST HEAR THAT RIGHT? Anne, did you ask are you getting married and Emily, did you say it seems that way?”

Well, yeah, I mean, we were trying to keep it cool, but, yes Mom.

Em and I were born three days apart–me on February 23rd, and her on February 26th. We are both 9 feet 10 inches. Both of our middle names are Louise. We both have the same size feet. And we both equally loved Aqua’s Aquarium album, the one that has the “I’m a Barbie Girl” song on it. See? We were meant to be soul sisters.

Anne and Megan, Temple Square

And then I got to see Megan. The day after fall semester ended, Megan called me and asked if I wanted to go to a jazz game with her. Yes! We sat at City Creek for more than two hours catching up on life and then walked to the Energy Solutions Arena and stayed there for maybe 30 minutes before we bailed and walked down Mainstreet and in Temple Square, jumping up and down and giggling as we dreamt about our lives. We spent around five hours together. I never get that much time with my friends anymore. Heaven.

Anne and Bruna, Natural History Museum Anne and Bruna, Bruges Waffles

Then Bruna came to town. It’s her first time being back in America since her foreign exchange in high school, where we all met each other. Bruna is the most laid back friend I have. She is cool with doing whatever and when she sees me getting stressed out, she just yells “ANNE!” and rolls her eyes at me. She is also a friend that gets you to do the things you want to do–like buy leather leggings. And a leather jacket. And a white blouse. And A floral dress. We went ice skating and ate at Bruges downtown and went to the Natural History Museum and shopped at Park City. We had sleepovers with Megan and bought cheap crap at Wal-Mart. I felt like I was seventeen again.

Ana had a baby

And then Ana had her baby. Yesterday Megan and I stopped by her and Jake’s house and we both held baby Jace. “Okay aunties, look over here!”Ana said as she took a picture. Megan and I both repeated what she said and squealed. “Auntie Anne and Auntie Megan! Auntie Anne! Auntie Megan!” Ana texted us as she was at the hospital. “The doctor says the baby could be here before 5!” Megan and I texted back, “PUUUUUUUUSH!” I love Ana. She makes me laugh, she sends me packages, she responds to my text rants. When I was in Germany in high school, she figured out how to call my host family (at four in the morning, hahaha) to wish me a happy birthday. When I told her personal things in high school that I felt sad about, she just shrugged and said, “You’re Anne. You’re going to be okay.” She has always been a wonderful friend. I’m so happy for her and Jake.

School has started and my brain is having a difficult time getting back into studying. I come home from school and watch Once Upon a Time, which I got hooked on over the break because of Bruna and Megan.

There are exciting things happening for me this year. But I’ll save it for another post.

I’m grateful for friends. I only have a handful of them and I don’t get to see them all of the time, but they are enough and I love them and I’ll have them forever.


  1. Kristin Brown

    Hi. Remember me?This is Nathan’s mother and Emily’s old YW President. I never knew he tripped you. Rest assured that he will receive a consequence for his actions! Seriously, I don’t know how you and Emily made it out of that Primary class unscathed…

  2. Louise Plummer

    “You’re Anne. You’re going to be okay.” How well she knows you.

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