New art on the wall! This is what I wanted to show you the other day. It thrills me to have something above the bed. Don’t stare at them too long if you’re OCD. I have to go back and straighten them out. You know when you’re so excited about art and you hurry and hammer it in? I need to get out of that habit before I move to an actual house, or whatever.

Which one’s your favorite? Mine is the Iceland one.

Mom gave me these for my birthday. I think she knows I go a little cray cray when my space isn’t pretty.

We’ve lived in this space for two and a half years. Can you believe it?


  1. Loira

    The a

  2. Loira

    Oops, that failed. What I meant to say was, “they are beautiful!”

  3. Louise Plummer

    Nothing like framed art on a wall to make your life civilized! I like Africa!

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