I was exhausted during my Morning shift this morning (4am-10am). On my 8am “lunch” break I lay in my car and slept for the whole 30 minutes. It was slow during work, so I put my headphones in one ear and listened to the general conference talks I missed over the weekend. I listened to Elder Uchtdorf’s from the priesthood meeting because I heard how wonderful it was (and it really was), and to the Sunday morning session talks, which were also beautiful.

When I got home a little after 10 I watched two episodes of Hart of Dixie and scoffed at everyone’s enhanced spray tans this season and checked out the before and after pictures (clothed) of Rachel Bilson’s new nose and boob job. I know it’s a stupid show, but it’s the last season and I have to watch it.

I then fell asleep for two hours having missed my Zumba class. I got to my nutrition class, luckily, and got the participation points for the day which I desperately needed. No matter how much I study, I end up with a 74 out of 100 on the test. Have I told you how much I hate multiple choice tests? Give me a pencil and a blank paper and I’ll blow your mind. But with a multiple choice test, I always get C’s. If I show up though, I can get a B.

Speaking of tests, I have my first test from History this Thursday. He has given us all of the questions, but I am very nervous. I’m in a daze today and can’t seem to focus on any school work. I just want to go back to bed. I wish someone could sit with me for eight hours and help me focus. I need a robot.

Yongzhen and I are reading Harry Potter together. He now comes over three times a week for English class. On Easter evening Yongzhen rang our doorbell, holding a bag of warm dumplings for us. I love his mother Xiaoyan, who has become my dear friend. She wrote me an email last week saying she knows God introduced us together. How often do you get an email like that? Really. People can be so nice and thoughtful.

I bought a new bikini for my summer trips. I feel so cute and comfortable in it. I drove all over the valley to get the right sizes because they were out of stock online and in the stores nearby. Totally worth it. It’s this one from Target.

What else? There’s always more, but I’ll leave it here. Bye, friends.

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  1. Oh Anne, You are carrying such a huge load. If I could sit by you and be your robot, I would. But I’d fall asleep too.

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