Anne Lost in MeadowsIn Disney’s cartoon Alice in Wonderland, Alice tells her cat what her world would be like. She starts to sing (like in all Disney movies) and lies in the daisies. When she lies down, the flowers completely cover her as if no one is there. I loved that scene. I wished I could find a meadow of flowers where I could disappear. I wanted to lie down and see the flowers above me.

Spencer took this picture of me at Fish Lake. There’s hair in my eyes and my arm is bending awkwardly, but I love it because I’m in the meadows and it’s yellow and it makes me happy.

The real reason I’m posting this is so I can pin the picture and add it to my “Lost in Meadows” board on Pinterest. I have a whole board of girls in meadows so I can partly satisfy my childhood Alice in Wonderland fantasy.

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Did you have any childhood fantasies like this?

On another note, I searched “Alice in Wonderland lying in daisies” and Google said “Did you Mean: Alice in Wonderland laying in daisies?”

No, I didn’t. Idiot.


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  1. louiseplummmer

    Wow, Google needs a grammarian. Seriously.

    I would like to be the princess of small boats, gliding on clear, blue water and listening to loons.

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