I need a break from packing.

So I’m watching the Republican debates. I’ve made it a tradition to watch the republican debates since the beginning of college. I wanted to eat up any kind of understanding I could.

I listened to the whole thing and I wasn’t riled up or anything. But at the end, I started feeling this overwhelming sickness. Like I needed to run to the bathroom. Like I needed to turn off the TV immediately. It was when they all started talking about God. And how God has blessed the republican party. And how they have received revelations from God. And how God has NOT blessed the democrats. I felt so icky.

So I just wanted to say to you, republican politicians, that I also receive personal revelation. And I know that I receive just as many blessings and revelations, even when I don’t think like you.

Everyone has their right to believe what they want. But what gets me is when I hear that God is not blessing me because I’m liberal. I mean, how completely un-christian is that thinking? I think everyone receives personal revelations. But something is just wrong when one thinks that God favors one party over the other.

The presidential elections in Utah are when I want to run away from any social outing, including church. Because even though the LDS presidency makes our bishops read the statement over the pulpit saying that all parties may have our values and stances, I still have to hear on the news about that bishop who wouldn’t give his democrat member a temple recommend because of her political stances. I was still called a baby killer in junior high. I still had Mormon friends take my Obama pins off my bag. I still don’t know of any Mormon democrat my age in Utah. I still sit in church hearing comments that assume all of us are on the same page politically and anything on the contrary would be apostate.

I know everyone feels targeted. I know conservatives are afraid of how life is changing now. I just wanted to give you my little bits. Think what you want. Learn as much as you want. Do what you want! But for the love, please don’t tell me that God loves me less. And FOR THE LOVE, do not tell me that God loves me, he just doesn’t agree with me. HAH! Because guess what? I’ve gotten my own personal revelations and what I hear is this: “I love you. You’re my daughter. I get you. I understand you more than anyone else. And I’m sorry you feel isolated at church sometimes. That isn’t fair. Because your thoughts are just as important as everyone else’s.”

Phewf! I feel better.