Since I got back on Tuesday, Spencer and I have been saying each day that we’ll go running. We haven’t.

Today I woke up at 7am with more energy than usual and bullied Spencer out of bed. “Get up, you! No more sleeping!”

He groaned. “Will you scratch my back for just 10 minutes? I’ll feel so much more relaxed on the run. Please just scratch my back.”

I usually fall for Spencer’s morning back scratching whines. Not today.

“HECK NO, GET UP NOW!” I stood next to his face and jumped on the bed.

“That’s not good for the bed, you know.”

“Then get up!” I kept jumping.

We went outside and it was already sunny. Both of us like running when it’s dark. But I still pranced around and gave Spencer flirty kisses on his cheek to celebrate that we were running together.

I was mostly excited to show him the run to the zoo and then up the Bonneville shoreline. Amber, Charlie and I ran this last year every morning. No stops.

But before we got to the trailhead at the zoo, I was panting.

“I can’t do it. My knees. I can’t breathe. No. Too hard. No.” I was totally pooping out.

“We’ve got this,” Spencer said. “You lead. You set the pace. Let’s just get to that cement block at the top.”

I walked and waved my arms around, hoping my arms would distract Spencer from the fact I wasn’t really running.

“I’m so glad we did this,” he said. “Look how beautiful the valley is!”

My flirtiness had worn off and now I was the one whining. We walked through the shrubs and ran when another runner was passing us, until they couldn’t see us anymore and then we walked. I was pissed at myself.

“I’m so out of shape. I used to run this every day! I can’t even get to the trailhead.”

I gave myself another minute to be negative. Then I said, “At least we got up this morning.”

“And got our running clothes on.”

“And ran to the zoo.”

“And… ran when it was sunny out!”

“And got up the steepest part.”

“And ran even though we’re sore from boating.”

I guess my summer Netflix workout wasn’t doing it for me. Back to running!