For having a husband that wants to cuddle with me in the mornings.

For friends that call me.

For loving parents.

For the power of scriptures and general conference talks that gave me confidence in a meeting this week.

For my husband holding my face and kissing my forehead.

For the German leader who called me this week and was so happy we could fix a computer error he said, “I’m going to mail you an ice cream cone right now! What flavor would you like?”

For receiving the full-time position as the Customer Satisfaction Subject Matter Expert at work.

For benefits.

For my husband’s patience.

For my husband’s testimony of God’s glorious, eternal plan for us.

For twinkle lights.

For donuts.

For the strength that comes after pain and sadness.

For Megan calling me this week, confirming that we are soul sisters.

For God helping me notice what my spirit craves.

For heaters, fleece blankets, and pillows.

For good doctors.

For fuzzy socks.

For chapstick.

For the hour I get to spend each Friday speaking with 9-year-old Yongzhen on Skype.

For Jesus Christ’s mercy.

For the powerful women in my ward–Karina and Haley.

For gold leaves in the fall.

For Pinterest.

For my good bishop.

For my good boss.

For kind words.

For Spencer. Spencer. Spencer.