I forget about the little things that make me happy. If I could just remember to do some of these little things each day, I can get through winter and stressful work days and awkward moments and anything else that makes me cringe.

  1. Light a candle. If you don’t own a candle, Anne, buy one.
  2. Write or call a friend once a week.
  3. Make your bed. It makes everything better.
  4. Always take your colored pencils to church. Draw in your bible. Who cares if you can’t read the verse below your scribbles? They’re your scriptures.
  5. Look at kayak.com/explore. Just for fun.
  6. Hold Spencer’s hand for 5 minutes.
  7. Scroll through your doggie board on Pinterest.
  8. Wear fuzzy socks.
  9. Take a picture outside.
  10. Drive to work in silence and list 5 things you love about your life.

Time to prepare for the post-Christmas winter!