Cinque Terre

I’m turning 23 this month. I’m glad I lived to reach my 22nd birthday. It was the most fabulous year of my life.

Many unknown factors coming our way this year. Where will we be in the fall? Will we still live in our cinderblock home? Spencer is graduating this spring. He’s applied to graduate school for this fall and we’ll see where that takes us.

I’m letting Spencer take the lead this year. You know how freaked out that makes me. it’s the first time Spencer knows where he is going and I don’t.

I worry I won’t be extraordinary. That if I don’t decide right now what I’m doing, I will be common folk. I think this is a young person issue. We all want to succeed–and fast. We all want to be those single CEOs in their mid-30s, like on TV.

This isn’t fair, though. By saying this, I’m also saying that there is such thing as common folk. And that I, ANNE LOUISE, believe that some people live boring, common lives. Am I just as bad as the media? Am I involuntarily putting these thoughts on the people I meet? Do people talk to me and walk away feeling less extraordinary because my expectations of myself and of them are too high?

The more I’ve tried to understand, the more I see that parenthood is a secret joy club. It’s the dessert. And us  single people and married non-children people are not understanding that joy. And that doesn’t mean that we need to rush things, or that we can’t be happy without children in our lives right now, but it means we should be aware of our blind spots. And be careful of how we speak of parenthood with our neighbors and co-workers and friends and family. In short, let’s not be idiots. Haha.

Now back to my birthday (the REAL thing at hand here, right?).

Is there a song about being 23? Taylor Swift got me through 22. Every singer got me through 15 and 16 and 17. Now people, what’s the reason to live for 23?

Here are some of my ideas. What do you think?

  1. My knees are strong.
  2. I am working full time and have the evenings to be with my hubby.
  3. I have time to think about the things I love and then do them.
  4. The doctor says I’m perfectly healthy.
  5. I am most calm and carefree than I’ve ever been in my life. Thank you, 22, for kicking yourself in the patootie about your anxiety.
  6. God and I are pretty close right now, because all of year 22 I worked on faith.
  7. I’m still pretty, so that’s nice.
  8. We have no credit card debt.
  9. Spence and I get to figure out a chunk of the next few years together.
  10. I have close friends who aren’t going anywhere. At least not too far (cough, Ana).
  11. I’ll live to see Spencer and my 4th anniversary.
  12. I’ll live to see Maxwell get his driver’s license (gasp).
  13. I will probably have the opportunity to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows or whipped cream in a bright-colored mug.
  14. I will have thousands of chances to walk into Anthropologie.
  15. I get to be 23 on the 23rd of February!
  16. I still get to go to speak German at work everyday.
  17. I will probably get to swim in the Great Salt Lake with Mom again.
  18. Spencer and I will have many summer weekends for adventures.
  19. I still have a good pair of lips to kiss Spencer with.
  20. I own a fab camera.
  21. Nailpolish will still exist.
  22. I can eat microwaved grape nuts and milk with bananas and honey as much as I want.
  23. I’m extraordinary.


  1. Loira

    You’re extraordinary and I love you.

    Happy early birthday, Ploomer 🙂 x

  2. Louise Plummer

    Yes, you are extraordinary.

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