Celestial BuildingIn my religion, we believe all human beings must become like God. We believe that we will become our own gods and goddesses one day and will create our own worlds. Although it’s a given that none of us can be perfect on this life, the goal is to understand joy in this world and to gain as much knowledge as possible. If we need to become like God, I assume we need to, like, know everything.

I spent most of my time in college reading obscure German novels and then making paninis at Zupas in the evenings. When I’m feeling existential, I’m not really sure how my knowledge of German literature and making sandwiches really contributes to, you know, building worlds or whatever. “Your celestial avocado, coming right up!”

After cleaning the house and going through all of the junk mail, I’m turning through the Salt Lake Community College class list. Here are the ones I want to take:

  • Print making
  • Bollywood dance – For kids, but I’m totally there
  • Hip hop
  • Blogging and podcasting for beginners
  • Bookbinding: The Art of the Hand-Bound Book
  • Cake decorating basics
  • Intro to screenwriting
  • Quilting for the very beginner
  • Travel almost for free
  • Beginner’s Guide to getting published
  • Start your own gift basket making business. Ello chap! Would you like a gift basket?
  • Voice-Overs… Now is your time!
  • Guitar
  • Hiking the waterfalls
  • Scuba experience

Maybe I’ll just stick with paninis. My brother Maxwell said he owned a pretty high-end coffee shop in the pre-mortal world. Maybe we’ll see if it’s still around once we’re dead so he can start it up again. Maybe he’ll let me make celestial paninis there.

We’ll see.