I make paper flowers in my spare time. We have a table big enough to do things like this. My calling in church is to plan monthly activities for the women and the committee chair asked if I’d be willing to make these giant flowers (below) to decorate a room for a tea party. I put on a brave face and said yes. When I told everyone at the activity how easy they were to make, they said, “I’m just not a crafty person. I could never do something like that.” Am I a crafty person now?

When I showed Barclay, she gave me her crepe paper and instructions to make peonies and roses. We spent an afternoon at my house watching Rogue One and making these.

I’m almost done with the peony bouquet. Afterwards I’m gonna buy different colors of crepe paper online and make daffodils or something.

Who knew I could do stuff like this?