i have a new job. miss my friends at the gsc. two years in one place and moving to different teams makes you get to know so many awesome people. i hated saying goodbye.

speaking german every day for two full years. it was wonderful. but i am extremely concern for one brother in leipzig who may completely freak out when he realizes i am gone. he tends to stick to one person. i hope he’ll be okay. i should have written him a letter to ease him into the change. but i needed to worry about my own changes.

my team at the gsc was all international. for a lot of my time, i was the only american, or the only white person. in the middle of utah, i found this little building with so much diversity, but who all believes in god, jesus christ, the holy ghost, priesthood blessings, miracles, and this crazy spiritual power in the book of mormon. how funny the world is.

i’ve moved to a job (outside of the Church) with better pay and better opportunities for growth, but it means no more german.

i finished my first week at my new job. there are people who have MFAs and encourage others to get MFAs. my team introduced themselves to me with the question, “if you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with your spare time?” 90% of the room said they would write.

and no one looked at them like they were funny.

on the second day of my job, my project manager told me we’d be flying to new york city for a design workshop with one of our clients.

i am going to new york city.

what else? wanna hear about wanderplan?

i finished planning a three-week trip for two clients going to London, Rome, and Paris. it was the hardest i’ve worked on anything since school. it was amazing and treacherous and amazing. each day i get updates on how they’re doing–them in front of the colosseum, in front of big ben, and i know exactly what tube and what streets they walked on to get there.

i’m working on the website. my goal is for it to be up and running by the end of the year.

my brother, maxwell, is getting surgery in both of his eyes. he has a genetic disorder called FEVR, which is like, this creepy thing where blood vessels or whatever are, like, making holes in his retina. it’s so rare that the eye doctor has been traveling throughout the U.S. to all these FEVR specialists to figure out what the heck to do.

since it’s a genetic disorder, the doctor wants to see all of us and make sure we’re not all some fringe event.

i thoroughly enjoy my brother, so please pray for him, won’t you?

i’ve been on anxiety meds since 2015. it’s been a game changer. there’s pros and cons. i think i don’t write on my blog as much because i’m not really fretting, and not really needing to “get things out.”

but the pros are that i feel sane. my brain is calm. and that’s good.

spencer meditates everyday. he’s been doing it for over a year. he is super impressive.

my doctor said he thinks we should up my dose of anti-depressants. i said no, let me me try working out again for the next three months. he said it was a deal. i know i’m more depressed because of my weight. i’m almost at 155 pounds. most of my life i’ve been at 130.  that’s still normal for my height, but it’s strange how this mass is poking out of my stomach. it’s not evened out throughout my body, or anything. it’s just poking out. and i can’t stop playing with it. i sit on the couch and just poke at this mass. poke. poke.

i started gaining when i graduated from school. more money, more food, more work, more sitting.

spencer’s work schedule is seriously the most terrible thing ever. we never see each other. and when we do, one of us is exhausted, and the other one is ready to play. it sucks, sucks, sucks.

i miss my grandparents. they’ve been gone for almost a year in canada.

i lost my harddrive. i will not go into detail about what that means. but it’s huge. and i have spent many days bawling in my closet about it. have to move on, though, or i go into a hole thinking about it. let’s just say my whole life was on that damn thing. ugggg. move on, move on.

okay, what else? i think that’s it. i’m swimming through my brain and can’t find anything else to talk about. so that’s it for now. goodnight.

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