Unpublished Post: January 2018


This is my bedroom. I am STOKED. Each year we ask for something for our bedroom and this year it’s almost Pinterest-able!

The first attempt of a cute bedroom was when I asked for a white king-size duvet. It looked okay with our queen-sized comforter for a year. The next year we got a king size comforter for Christmas. That helped.

This year I asked my mom for these velvet pillows and black and white pillow cases from Urban Outfitters. I would never buy such expensive pillow cases if they weren’t a gift request. But I’m super pleased with them.

We got grey pillowcases from IKEA for the other pillows and the grey blanket from Target.

The headboard came from Pottery Barn, I think. It was my cousin, Lindsay’s, who had painted the headboard black. Every pin on my Pinterest board doesn’t have a headboard. I get that it’s a thing. I get the Scandinavians like that. I just can’t yet. No. I can’t.

The bedside tables are IKEA hacks, people! I did a house DIY this year.

We bought the bedside knobs from Anthropologie.

Spencer bought me the candle on my bedside table from Anthropologie.

The lamps are from IKEA.

Here’s the inspiration from my Pinterest boards (click on images for source).


I liked the pillow so much I looked EVERYWHERE for them. Urban Outfitters delivers. 

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