I’ve been trying to be a minimalist for over a year now. According to the fad on Pinterest, it means always looking fashionable with the simplest of clothes. Or having a perfect house with lots of negative spaces. Being simple and looking HAWT.

This was appealing to me because I kept buying a crazy colorful shirt, loving it for two weeks, and then realizing that people were noticing how often I wore it. This included:

1. My bright pink raincoat with hearts (hand-me-down from theveryhappypear)

2. Mustard yellow and teal scarves

3. My light green pants from Anthro

I went through my closet and threw bags and bags of clothes away. I stuck to a pallet (light pink + maroon + light blue).

What finally made me commit to this whole shishkebab was when I lost my scriptures in Yellowstone. All of my markings since I was thirteen! My middle school notes that said “Lauren needs to hear this” or “this made me cry” or my notes from lessons with Spencer! I’d taught the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Book of Mormon with those scriptures! I had written

Unpublished Post: December 2016

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