This was an unpublished post from our mini trip to Moab with Spencer’s family last May.

Spencer and his family have always loved Lake Powell and usually spend long weekends there. My family always went to Moab growing up.

It was fun to be with Spencer, because he never really has been there. He said once, but he couldn’t remember much.

We hiked up to Delicate Arch, which is a must-hike for Utahns, especially. Delicate Arch is the arch on our license plates.

Our first morning we went to Fisher Towers and got lost. We couldn’t find the right trail. It’s one of my favorite memories hiking this with my cousin, Ambryn and our family. Ambryn and I hiked this and always tried to get in front of each other. When we realized what we both were doing, we just laughed. We have always been a little competitive with each other, especially when we were both younger and played soccer. She was always the brave one, though, and I always felt like I needed to stick with her for that reason. And because she’s fun, but whatever.

It was my first time doing two hikes, though: the Fiery Furnace–you need a permit for this one–and Grand Staff (formerly known as “Negro Bill” and was recently changed for obvious reasons).

Grand Staff will be a must for all future Moab trips and I will do Fiery Furnace over and over when we get the chance.

Spencer loved this trip.

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