Before we left for the ward camp out, I charged my camera battery so I could take pictures (duh). But I pulled a typical Anne and brought my camera without the battery that was still sitting on the kitchen counter, fully charged.So my pictures are from anyone’s iPhone I could grab at the time. Woop dee doo.

Although the campout was a church activity, there were so many neighbors that came who are not LDS. I love our ward because we are so close with everyone in our boundaries. Besides, who could pass up a day at Pineview with free breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
We had Chuck be the grill master (are you surprised?), we sat by the fire and made s’mores with Reese’s cups, our tents were too close together and we heard odd, bodily sounds from Joey. And of course te next day–boating.

^Spencer needed to be pushed off the tube in this picture.

Heidi and I rock!!

It’s three thirty in the
Usually, I can go
straight to bed
during the weekends.
I guess not tonight.
I’ve been lying in bed
for about three hours.

I got a lot done this
And I had fun.
Last night,
I was sitting around,
looking at photography
when Erich called.
He was surprised
I wasn’t doing anything
and told me to
meet him at Wes’.
I walked down the street
where Wes lives
and watched
The Truman Show.
Erich was the only one
who hadn’t seen it,
and Wes never showed him
the beginning.
So during the whole movie,
Erich was dying.
“What the heck is
going on! I don’t get
this movie.”
He didn’t know
Truman was on television.
Erich said,
“We should go to
the basketball game.”
I could tell Wes
didn’t want to go.
But he’s always a
good sport.
“Alright. We might as well.
We have nothing else
to do.”
We hopped into Wes’
little white truck
and off we went.
Basketball was more
intense to watch
than football.
Plus, I knew half of
the basketball team.
Our team won.
When we drove back home,
Wes turned on
Behind These Hazel Eyes
by Kelly Clarkson.
Wes sang high pitched,
I purposely went off-key
and we just had a jolly time
singing all the way home.

This morning,
someone turned my light on
at seven o’ clock.
My room was trashed.
Dirty laundry
and german dictionaries
all over the place.
Someone yelled,
“Good Morning!”
My eyes were burning
from the light.
I thought it was Mom
telling me to get up and
start cleaning,
which is pretty much
what happens
every Saturday.
I looked up.
It was Sister Z.,
one of my Young Women
with LaurenK and Bri.
“We’ve come to kidnap you!
Come on, let’s go eat
I rubbed my eyes and
sat there staring at them,
wondering if this was
real or if I was
I was about to get out
of bed,
when I realized I was
in a tank top
and underwear.
(Really, who sleeps
in actual pajama pants?)
“We’ll go downstairs
and wait for you” Sis. Z said.
There was a car
waiting outside for me.
When I got in,
we started driving.
“You should have seen your dad
when we came to the door!”
Bri said,
“He was still in his garments!”
I could picture it. Easily.
“Yes,” Sister Z said, “He answered
the door and I said, ‘Didn’t you get
the message’? He said,
‘Ya, I just forgot’. He didn’t
care at all that he was
in his garments.”
I laughed.
I think everyone has seen
my dad in his garments.
After kidnapping Alison
and Rebecca,
we headed to Sis. C’s house.
We waited for the
other leaders
to get the rest of the girls
and ate breakfast.
we had a little
spiritual thought
of Christmas.
I lay across Miranda,
Lauren, and Lindsay on
the couch.
Lindsay scratched
my back.
I love Lindsay for that.
She’s always giving me
I love the leaders.
I love it how they think of
silly things like kidnapping us
to go eat breakfast
at someone’s house.

The rest of the day was nice,
because I got lots done.
I cleaned my room,
officially finished my
six essays,
and wrote the letter
to my German Host Family.
Oh, and I burned
(I’ll explain later.)
I took a nap,
and woke up at seven.
It felt weird,
because I couldn’t remember
falling asleep
and overall,
naps make me feel
like I’m missing a part
of the day.
Tasia texted me and
asked if I wanted
to order pizza and
watch a movie.
When I got there,
she had already ordered
the pizza.
When the pizza came,
I looked at my half.
Cheese, pepperoni,
and olives.
Just how I like it.
Thanks, Tas.

I’ve had Led Zeppelin
stuck in my head
all day.
“Seems that the wrath
of the Gods
got a punch
on the nose
and it started to flow;
I think I might be sinking!”

It’s four now.
I can’t sleep!
I have to wake up at
seven thirty for church.
Three and a half hours.
Okay, I’m going
to try again.

Good night.

I’m writing my blog down.
The laptops are not on
my parent’s bed,
and I hate typing on the
study room computer.
I will type this down later,
so I won’t have to sit at
the uncomfortable, slow
computer for too long.
I’m sitting in the living room.
Max just sneezed all over
his made up board game.
Mira is surprisingly
not singing,
but is talking to herself
at the easel.
Mom keeps sniffing.
She’s putting forks
in the dishwasher.
Today has been strange.
My energy from yesterday
never re-boosted with
the four hours of sleep
I got last night.
I didn’t go to bed until
one thirty.
Not only was my
energy low,
but I embarrassed myself
by saying something stupid
to… this one guy.
Plus, I had no breakfast
and no lunch money.
Sixth period was fun,
Ana and I do nothing
but goof off
in that class.
The work is so easy
that we do it until
the last minute.
It’s tech.
If I ever meet the
person who made
technology a
required class,
I’ll kick him in the booty.
Ana and I always find
something to do.
The kid who sits
in front of us
falls asleep every day.
We chuck paper wads
at him and when
he looks up,
we pretend we’re working.
we stuck sticky notes
all over his back.
We had an assembly
in between tech, and Ana
never came back.
I went and sat between
Garrett and Kyle’s
and talked with them
the rest of the time.
Garrett look up Nike shoes
and Kyle played a
motorcycle game.
No one takes that class

I’m moving to AP German
next semester.
My teachers says Nicki and I
are way above third level.
I’m excited.

My friends have been
teasing me
about my dreams.
“You must be on crack
when you fall asleep,”
says Garrett,
“You dream about
the weirdest things and
about everyone.”
It’s true. I dream about
weird things,
but so does everyone.
And I do dream about
I dream about people,
because all I do
is wonder what people
I love doing it.
I love reading people’s
body language,
expressions, fake laughs,
real laughs.
I love to wonder why
people do certain things.
Therefore, I dream
about everyone.
See the list on the right?
The “People I love” section?
I’ve dreamt about
every one of them.
So no, I don’t think
I’m on crack.

It’s strange that I’m
still wearing a hoodie
and it’s December.
Where’s the snow?

In german class,
this kid named Ben said,
“Anne, are you a
flaming liberal?”
He had seen my
Obama pin
on my hippy bag.
I laughed, “Flaming?
I don’t know about that.
But yeah, I’m more
I felt eyes on me
from the other side
of the room.
A girl named Holly
was giving me a
weird look.
She was probably thinking,
“She’s mormon and
a liberal? Isn’t that…

I’m done with the green
on my blog.
This seems to be
more me.
I wanted a tree in it
somewhere, though.
Oh well.
Benches are nice too.

I should be doing
But writing is so much
more fun.

I guess I’ll be done.

Millions of things to talk about.
Getting up at 7:00 a.m. was
not the most fun thing
in the world.
“Garrett, smile!”
“Garrett, smile for the camera!”
“… I can’t smile”
I caught him at the end of “smile”.

Our first activity was weeding
a pumpkin patch.
Weeds, weeds, weeds,
For the first half,
I worked my butt off.
Bro. A yelled at everyone
and said that no one had
pulled as many weeds
as I did.
I felt pretty good, plus…
He owes me a shake.
The second half was crazy.
I was still working hard,
but decided to be super crazy.
I sang “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt,
“All the Small Things”,
and our wonderful
“Enchanted” songs.
I purposely became loud
and obnoxious
to see if I could piss anyone off.

Watergames were next.
All of the 11 wards that were
there for Youth Conference
rotated with groups to
the water activities.
There was one boy in our
group that all of the girls
just drooled over.
For one game,
I went and sat down
in the shade.
Sis. C was
hanging out with me
when Bro. A came over.
“Which one is your favorite?”
he said.
“Yeah, which is your favorite?”
I looked and said,
“Hmm, I think the guy in the
white shorts is my fav.”
He sat there for a sec,
then finally said,
“I was talking about the

Face flushes. Red cheeks.
He starts bursting out
I start laughing with total
Bro A grabs my hand and
starts dragging me to
White Shorts.
“No, no no no no.”
So, there’s me tugging at my
and I
own hand, while
Bro. A is dragging me
closer and closer…
to White Shorts.
He finally let me go,
and went to tell everyone
what I had just said.

After water games,
we all got ready for
dinner and the dance.
Since we had the 5th level
all to ourselves,
the girls were running
around yelling
if anyone had
red lipstick.
Well, at least I was.
When we were all ready,
we went down the elevator,
and our Young Men were
waiting there.
They escorted us to dinner
(which was kind of annoying
because the place we were
eating was like a mile,
and holding on to someone’s
sweaty arm isn’t pleasant)
and we had a great time.
The couples we had
at our table were
freaking hilarious.
Our stomachs all hurt at the end.
We had a great speaker
that told us to be stable with
our testimonies
and things like that.

Okay, the dance.
The dance was the
most fun thing on the planet!
It was outside in an
enclosed area
where trees surrounded
the dance cement floor.
I wish I brought my camera,
because it was just wonderful.
I went all out.
I danced with someone
for every slow song,
I swing danced with Bro. A
and everyone made a big
circle around us
(Cause apparently NO ONE
can swing dance).
I would say it was magical,
but “magical” is a pretty
cheesy word.
I did dance
with White Shorts.
Only because Sis. Can–
said she would harass him
to dance with me
if I didn’t ask him myself.
Ugh. So embarrassing.
This is why I keep things
to myself about boys.
It’s so much easier to control.
the whole thing was just great.

I must write before I leave
for Youth Conference tomorrow.
I am beyond excited.
I absolutely love the youth
in my church.
We all get along so great.
I had a big struggle with them
last summer,
but I absolutely love them.
The girls are so loving,
and the boys are hilarious.
We all get along.

There will be
a swimming pool,
and a dance.
(At Youth Conference)
Heck yes!
I will be wearing my
new, dark green dress
with golden earrings.
Shoes are always
the toughee.
I am the pickiest
shoe person.

it is 11:50 and
I’m not even packed yet.
The windows are open
in the study,
so I can hear what Mom,
Dad, Grandma, Grandpa,
and Greg
are all talking about.
I won’t tell you what they’re

I have had a really great
Really, it has been wonderful.
Colby and Jaron stopped by
on their bikes yesterday evening.
I love those two.
Seeing their faces just makes my day.
They brought chocolate,
which is always a plus.
Every time Jaron
just pops in,
I am getting out
of the shower.
It has happened twice.

exhaustion is taking
over me,
and I still need to pack.
I absolutely hate packing,
so I better hurry.
I will have pictures
for Saturday’s post.


I have woken up with a bloody nose
yet again.

It is 10:49.
Mira and I are the only ones awake.
Well, no one else is here,
except Harrison.
Mira is playing with one of Mom’s
I think Mira and I are going to
put on our swimsuits and
sing in the shower.
She wants me to do her hair

On Saturday, we all went to
a family reunion.
All of the Dutch people.
I sat there and enjoyed
I would like to know what kinds of
things happened in their lifetime.
I wish I could see it.
When I go to Family Reunions,
I always become anxious.
Making sure I have all my Family History,
and crap.
Ugh, it freaks me out just thinking about it.

Sunday was real nice.
It was a great day at church.
I absolutely love my Sunday School.
I love watching Erich and Garrett getting “mad”
at each other.
Or how Erich seems to always have a revelation
that Nate should say the prayer.
I love that class. I love church.

My good friend Jaron is now back,
and it was nice to talk to him for a bit last night.
He told me all about his Scout Camp experience.
He went boating, he milked a cow, he got pooed on,
and he had fun.

Oh, I forgot a little something that happened
on Saturday…
While Megan, Harrison, and I were out taking pictures,
Harrison had some visitors come to the house.
I, of course, knew nothing about this!
Megan and I sat under the bunk bed,
making fun of all of them.

So there you go.

My week was full of wonderful things,
but I am so glad it’s over.
Now, it is Monday and off I go!