“You know you’re
the only person
I’d want to go to a dance
I laughed when I heard this.
Something I do when I don’t
know what to say,
or when I might be getting
myself into sticky business.
In this case,
I wasn’t sure what to say.
It wasn’t awkward at all.
But surprising!
“I think you’re pretty chill,
so, will you go to
homecoming with me?”
Pretty chill.
“Pretty chill” was what
Ky used when I
asked him why he
liked being my friend,
if all he did was
get mad at me.
“Pretty chill” was the phrase
Landon used during lunch,
when I listened to him
and his friends
talk about snowboarding.
Pretty chill is good.

It was dark outside.
We were walking down
the hill,
after dropping Tasia off.
Everything smelled wet
from the rain pour that
lasted five minutes.
I was really confused.
The conversation started with
friends in general,
then specifically me.

“That would be awesome,
but I don’t know if I can
even go. Maybe with a
“Yeah, that’s what I meant!
We could go as a group.”
“Cool. Well, I’ll have to check
with my parents.”
“I know I’m supposed to do
something crazy to ask you
to the dance,
and I still will.
You don’t have to answer now,
but will you have your answer
after I do something?”
I laughed and said yes.
We kept talking until I was
in front of my house.
My mom and dad were sitting
on the front porch.
“Bye, friend.”
“Cya tomorrow!”
After he was out of view,
I turned to my parents and
burst out laughing.
First time being asked
to a dance.
I told them the story,
and I knew my parents weren’t
going to let me go.
I didn’t care,
but it would have been
fun to go.
He’s just a friend,
that’s all.

I called him today and told
him my parents wouldn’t
let me go.
He laughed at me
and said it was no problem.

I went to church today.
I was looking down
at my scriptures
at D&C 88.
All the sudden,
big drops of red
splotted onto the
I looked at my dad
and did the classic
“bloody nose freak out”
and ran to the bathroom.
The scriptures were
actually the library’s.
So, one of these Sunday’s,
someone is going to turn
to D&C 88,
and find that the pages
are stuck together.
Shh, it wasn’t me!

Being asked out for a dance

makes me feel…
My first week of school,
and a senior has asked me out.
Sixteen is coming up
too fast.
Then my senior year…
Then college…

I love it.
I love it, I love it,
I love it.

On August 25th, 2008,
I woke up from the couch
There was no wind blowing
from the windows,
so I decided to sleep downstairs
where I could turn the fan on.
It still didn’t help the fact
that my stomach hurt from
I went upstairs and put on
an orange shirt with a
butterfly scarf wrapped
around my neck.
my bangs hung down
while the rest was set back
in a pony tail.

I went to all eight
of my classes,
each thirty minutes long
with ten minutes in between.
The school had all eight periods
for the first two days,
instead of A-B days.

My first period was PE.
PE at the beginning of school,
so I could look sweaty and
all day long
I looked around the class.
No one I knew, really.
But really, I was in such
a good mood.
I was perky.
I smiled at everyone
and hoped someone
would smile back.
Then, I looked
and saw a tall,
black girl.
She was a little chubby,
had her hair tied in a
cute bun,
and wore red high heels.
She seemed very cute.
She caught my eyes
and smiled back.

After class,
the girl came to me
and said, “Hi.”
“Hello, hello!” I said back.
“I really like your scarf!”
I smile.
“Thanks! What’s your name?”
“Well nice to meet you,
Samantha. I’m Anne.”
End of conversation.

The rest of the day went on.
I was perky, and people smiled.
I met people.
I squealed when I saw my friends.
When I was walking
towards the door of my
fifth period class,
I saw Zach in one of the chairs.
He saw me, sighed,
and turned the other way.
He, apparently, did not want
to be seen with me.
I can understand this.
I can see how someone who
came from a school that was not
from the main middle schools
could want to make a good impression
by not hanging out with weirdos…
like me.
I pretended to not hear
his sigh,
and walked all the way into class.
As I turned,
I heard a ton of kids yell,
“Anne! You’re in our class! Woo!”
I looked over. All of my guy friends
from middle school.
I squealed. “Eek! Yay! You guys are in
my class!”
They high fived me,
and I sat down.
Then I heard Zach’s voice.
“Hi Anne!”
Smirk. “Hi Zach.”
Awesome. Right when I needed them.

I loved every bit of my first day.
I saw my good friend, Brent,
and gave him a big hug.
I saw my favorite girls from
the musical,
whom I hadn’t seen in a year.
I automatically made friends.

The next day…
It was my PE again.
I went and sat down.
Samantha came up to me.
“Hey! You’re… Samantha,
“Yeah. Hey Anne.”
We sat there.
“Oh, I have a note for you.”
She handed me a rectangular-
shaped note.
You know when you get those…
let’s call them…
flashes of oddities through
your head?
When, someone does something,
and for a split second in your mind,
you think the action
that just happened
was odd?
But you don’t really think about it…
it just happens.
Well, I got a flash of oddity right
when she handed me that note.
We just met the day before,
talked for two seconds,
and she’s giving me a note?
“Anne Wood” it said in pencil
with frilly handwriting.
Anne Wood?
I opened it right there.
-“Hi Anne!
How are you? Hehe, I love
dancing! Haha, I am so random!
Hehe. So I have something
important to ask you…
Will you be my best friend forever?
Oh no.
What have I done?
I looked up at her and smiled.
“Thanks for the note,

I told my friend Nicki.
“Oh.. Is this Samantha?”
She said.
“Yeah, why?”
“Two of my other friends
have gotten the same notes!”
Oh. Huh.

So there.

Today is the fourth day.
I know that I am sarcastic,
but I really do love school.
PE was actually wonderful
It’s right in the morning,
so the sun has just lifted
from the mountains.
We played softball.
Everything just seemed
so wonderful
with the girls and boys
laughing and playing
I wanted my camera
so badly.
I cheered for everyone
on my team.
When they were up to bat,
I told everyone about
the Genie of the Universe.
Whatever you say in your head,
the Genie of the Universe
You must have good thoughts.
When someone was up to bat,
my team mates yelled,
“Remember! Genie of the Universe!”
My friend, Mason,
from middle school taught
me how to swing.
I can now hit the balls!

I’ve been looking around
at girls in my school.
The girls who thought they
were so “bad” still have
the same faces.
They look at you with
glaring eyes,
their mouth open a bit,
and chin forward.
They wait until you’re looking
to whisper something
into one’s ear.
They still think they’re so
…But they have no friends.
So, what’s the point
of being snobby
if you don’t have anyone
to be snobby with?
Those girls used to
intimidate me
in middle school.
I never showed it,
but they did.
Now I look at them,
and want to
hug them as tight as I can,
or kiss their cheek,
just to annoy the
crap outta them.

Here, —–
This is for calling
me a *itch in PE
and breaking my finger,
cause I told you to
guard me, and not
push me
in basketball.


The Highlights of my Summer
1. Putting a piece of banana bread on Wes’ porch
2. Nightgames
3. Demonstrating to Tasia how to pee in the wilderness
4. Becoming good friends with Tadja
5. Stealing Tomatoes
6. Seeing Ed and the rest of the bunch
7. Conquering Paper Mario 2 on Gamecube
8. Dancing my heart out at Youth Conference
9. White Shorts
10. Playing a silly game with Hank and Elliot
11. Hanging with the ward friends
12. Sunday School
13. Blogging
 A list of Summer-Thank You’s:
1. Bro. A,
You really made Youth Conference
the best.
Thank you for swing dancing,
making fun,
and complimenting
2. Taylor,
Thank you for calling me for
I am now great friends with
everyone from my ward.
3. Sister Can,
Thank you for telling me
that you’ve never seen me
so beautiful
when I was dancing.
4. White Shorts,
Thank you for being 
freaking hot.
It was fun stalking you
And don’t worry,
it’s not over.
5. Austin,
Thank you for staying
out of my summer
this year.
Mine was better than
6. Maxwell,
Thank you for asking me
questions about 
Paper Mario and the 
Thousand Year Door.
I’ll tell you how to beat
the Shadow Queen
7. Colby,
Thank you for thinking
I was pregnant,
because of my other post.
I laughed my butt off.
8. Grandma,
Thanks for being silly,
and helping me with my homework.
9. Grandpa,
Thank you for helping me
out with relationship 
And thank you for 
the frosty shake laugh.
10. Emily,
Thank you for staying in 
my life and hanging out
this summer,
even though I’ve said
some wretched things to
Thank you for not holding
a grudge against me.
Something I’m not good at.
11. Herr Embley,
Thank you so much for your
German lessons.
I’ve had some crazy German
dreams this summer.
12. Ana,
Thank you for making 
it possible
to decorate your house
for this last day of summer.
Welcome back. 

I will wake up tomorrow
take a shower (if my curls
have straightened),
glob on some mascara,
put on a new, poofy shirt,
and walk to the bus
with Wes and Garrett.
I will walk to first period,
(which is PE. PE first period.
Kill me.)
and pray for someone I know
to come through the door.
I will walk through the halls,
have a wad of paper chucked
at my face,
trip on my own foot,
and not be able to open
my locker.
Or worst of all,
I’ll get a bloody nose.

Ode to Paranoia.

Tomorrow, I will go through
the highschool doors.
I will look absolutely glamorous.
The broadway lights will
shine on me.
A crowd of senior boys will lift
me off my feet,
and carry me through the halls.

The teachers will bow to me.
It’s all good.
Highschool will be great.

Yippi dee Skip!
I went to Lagoon with
my dear friends.
For those who have
not gone to Lagoon,
there’s a ride called
“The Tidal Wave”.
It’s a ship that goes
back and forth.
When one side of the
ship rises,
everyone waves their
hands in the air,
and yells, “Woo!”
I decided to go on
the opposite side of
Tasia, Megan, and Nicki.
Their side began to rise,
and they all cheered.
The boat swung back
and my side came up.
I cheered, “Woo!”
But the thing was,
I was the only one cheering.
I looked back at everyone
on my side.
They were all hunched over
with almost scowls
on their face.
The other side came up.
“Woo!” the whole side cheered.
I swung up with the boat another time,
and screamed “Woo!”
I shook my fists in the air.
Everyone on the other side
was laughing at me
I looked back at my side.
“C’mon! Cheer!”
A dark man with a mustache
shook his head at me.
Everytime my side rose up,
I opened my mouth as big as I could,
and screamed.
No one repeated.
I looked over at Tasia.
She was wiping away her tears
for laughing so hard.
I decided not to care if I
thoroughly embarrassed myself.

Emily came to stay with me.
She is my wonderful friend,
who lived down the street from
before I moved.
We met up and saw an old friend,
who has turned out rather cute.
(He has a crush on Emily.)
I love going back and seeing
what has happened to the
old neighborhood.
When I walked into Emily’s house,
I almost wanted to cry.
The smell of her house was
exactly the same as it had
been three years ago.
Ma looked the same.
Pa looked the same.

She came and slept at my house
for a couple of nights.
we went up to the canyons
with Greg and Chantel.
I saw a man sitting on a log
in the river.
I wanted to go up to the front
of him,
but I didn’t want him to see me…
What a creep I am.

The picture would have been
better, if I was in the front.
He was half in the shadows,
and half with light.
The picture didn’t turn out
as well I planned on.
Emily stole my camera and
posed me.
On Sunday, we got in our swimsuits
and washed my dog, Cairo,
in the back yard.
She now looks glamorous.
Later, we went in my grandparents’
rubber boat and out into the lake.
Harrison came along,
and sat in the middle.
I (of course) brought my camera
and took pictures.

When the sunset came,
I took silhouettes of Emily.
She then took a silhouette take of me,
but sadly came out blurry.
“You can’t live life, and record it at the
same time”, Chantel said the day before.

Later that night, Emily and I ran.
We went in the community garden,
and took a couple of cherry tomatoes.
Tomatoes only taste good
when I steal them.
It reminds me of my mom
when she was my age.
We hopped onto the garden roof
and looked up at the stars.
(Not like you can see anything
in the middle of a crowded neighborhood)
It was a good night.

Mom took me up to Toasters.
The next time I’m downtown,
I’m taking my friends to Toasters.
We found a couple of things
that I really wanted before school

There’s your update.

Oh, another thing to mention.
School starts in a week
and my summer homework
for English,
is not finished.

I feel sleepy.
It has been a long,
fabulous day,
and I am ready to

Tasia and I woke up
nice and early to
pick out eyeshadow colors,
try on clothes,
do our hair,
and so on.
Well, Tasia did something
with her hair.
I left my massive, thick
locks alone,
for fear they might come alive
and strangle me.
Sometimes I do wish that
my hair was soft and silky,
like everyone else’s hair.
But spending thirty minutes
holding a straightener
is not pleasant.
Have I already told you that?

Back to the day.
At nine o’clock,
I looked at the time.
I realized that today was Wednesday,
and I needed to go to
Kate’s to houseclean.
I felt sick sick sick to my stomach.
I had thought it was Tuesday.
It was set in my mind
that I didn’t need to work today.
I had school pictures that morning,
and a dermatology appointment,
right after.
I absolutely hate cancelling things,
especially last minute.
I start breathing hard, I get paranoid,
and soon the anxiety monster
(that runs in my family)
rushes through,
and I become idiotic.
I called Kate and told her
I couldn’t come.
Her son was crying in the background,
and I felt nauseated.
I could hear myself speaking.
I even sounded idiotic.
I sat there on my bed for a moment,
until my stomach ache went
Finally it settled,
and we drove to the school.

After figuring out the cost
for the pictures,
Dad left and Tasia and I
stood in line.
I complained about
the starting of school.
The first week, teachers
do the attendance. When
they say my name aloud,
the class snickers.
Then a big smart-aleck
says some joke about me
and the snickering
goes around again.

When I was a kid,
little Buehner
would say a joke about
my name,
and I’d say,
“At least I’m not a
buehner wiener!”
In Middle School,
I’d say, “Wow, stupid!
I’ve never heard that one
I suppose this year,
I’ll just smile politely
and go on with my business.
Maybe I’ll be stupid and say,
“You’re just jealous.”
Maybe I will punch him.
Or moon him.

The day went on.
We took the pictures,
and found our classes.
I went to the dermatologist,
and told the nurse who I was.
“Oh, she’s here for a pregnancy test”,
a nurse said, rather loudly.
I went into the back room with a
different nurse,
who was blonde and skinny.
A nurse I hadn’t seen before.
She kept looking me up and down.
She said odd things to me,
which made it obvious
that she really did think
I needed the pregnancy test.
I felt awkward.
When I came out,
Tasia and my mom were on
the green, leather couches.
The blonde nurse said,
“Wait here, until we find out if
you are…” the rest of her sentence
Doesn’t she know that you have to
take the test,
in order to take the pills I use?
Finally, the other nurse,
the loud one, came.
“It was negative”. Again. Being loud.
I glanced at the boy my age,
reading a magazine.
He had looked up.
I glanced at the two girls in chairs.
They had looked up.
We smiled at the nurse,
and went to the door.
I nearly ran to the elevator.

It’s late.
I am done writing.
I will dream about highschool,
and speaking German with Nicki,
and dancing at Stomps,
and eating school lunch.

I have switched up my music.
And because it is not “soft”
I don’t want to annoy anyone
by having it on Autostart.

Many of the songs I put on
remind me of something that
happened in the past.
Or go with a story.
I think all songs can do
that to you.
You hear a song, and
there’s some kind of
memory that seeps into
your head.

When I hear Mistadobalina by
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien,
I think about the first day of 9th grade.
C.J. and I went over to his house and
turned up the stereo.
This song came on, and C.J. started groovin’.
“Hey Ploomer”, he said, “Start dancin!”
Ploomer was the name every person
called me at my old school.
Half of the people didn’t even know
what my real name was.
Finally, I joined him, and all the sudden,
we were dancing around the house!
I felt like such an idiot, but C.J. kept going.
Mistadobalina, Mista Bob Dobalina..

Cantaloop by US3 was the song
for my hip hop performance.
I remember walking from the Arts Academy
up three or four blocks
to the studio.
I walked with Andrea and Emily.
We talked about Emily’s lover,
and complained about white shoes.
Andrea and Emily hated hip hop.
Every time we learned a new move,
Emily would swear.
But for me, I loved it.

Now, being opposite from happy stories,
it is weird to me how a simple song
(or an item in general)
can make you cringe because of a
You hear about people who will not
talk about things, or hear things,
because of a bad memory they have,
still crawling around in their brain.
Do you have something like that?
I know that I won’t listen to some songs,
because of the same reason.
Last summer,
I went with my neighbor Greg to
Vans Warped Tour.
I love all of those songs.
But that summer was the only time in
my life that I felt
completely humiliated and guilty.
Even though the song had nothing to do
with the humiliation,
it was in the same time frame.
Isn’t that weird?

It is so interesting that something
like music,
can trigger off things inside of you.
It makes you want to cry,
or dance,
or kiss someone.

So anyway,
I have new music.
Check it out.

Camp was the most fun thing

in the world.

Besides trying to find my luggage

for an hour and a half the first day,

it was wonderful.

The first night,
Tadja came and slept

with our tent group.

Well, Tasia and I actually
kidnapped her. 

We had the most people
in our tent,

just like the overnighter.

That’s how I like it.

We had Megan, Tasia, Camille,
Tadja, Caitlyn (a new girl that we all love),

and Me. 7 Girls.

All of us were at the hip.

We went canoe racing,
and picked up a dead fish with an ore.

We swam in freezing water and
got stuck
in the goopy bottom.

We gathered girls’ underwear 

and hung it up at the pavilion.

We laughed so hard that our 
stomachs hurt.

We sang every Disney song we could

think of. 

We had our own testimony meeting,

after listening to a girl tell us that 

she talks to demons.

Named Nana and Sarah.

We, well they, even took turns taking me

to the bathroom.

At three in the morning.

We also learned a lot.

We had classes one of the days,

and learned to look at the positive things

about ourselves.

Instead of saying to myself that 
my hair
is uncontrollably poofy,

I can say that it is very thick,
and has pretty curls.

They made us look in a mirror and
to ourselves that we are
beautiful. It was a good class.

We also had one about choosing
right guy.

Since the Camp Theme was
“The Royal Academy”
 the class was called,
“The Difference Between

a Prince and a Frog”.

We got to write a list of things we wanted

in our perfect man.

Megan’s list had every good adjective

you can think of.
“Sexy. Sweet. Tall. Dark. Handsome”
and so forth.
We had a ropes course at camp.
Tadja, Caitlyn, and I went on the
rope bridge over water,
while the other girls went to another activity.
After I had gone, the leaders said that I was the
closest of falling into the water.
We had a lesson after saying that we need
to hold on to our testimonies
and not give in to the temptations.
They used me as the “bad” example.
I let go of the rope. Poop.

So there you go!
Oh, one more thing.
I did get a
nose bleed.
And the girls dared me to do something…


The third nose bleed today.
I am sitting here with
toilet paper shoved up
my right nostril,
and the bleeding won’t stop.
I’m scared to go to bed.

The 24th was great.
I cannot remember one bit
of what I did before 6:00,
so don’t ask.
I went down the street to the
block party and met up with
Then, we dragged Zach out of
his house and watched
Evan Almighty
at Lauren’s house.

After, we ran over to Stefan
(yes, that is how you spell his name)
and Kalan’s house.
We got a bunch of fireworks,
met up with some other guys,
and headed to the park!

I love being outside in the summer
when it’s dark, and you feel the
nice, warm breeze.
I’ll stop before I get cheesy.

Last summer, I used to run at night.
My friend and I would run from one
house to the other’s.
Not using sidewalks,
but hopping over fences
through random backyards.
It was like the scene in Ferris Bueller’s
Day Off
, but in the night time.
Super cool. Try it some time!

When I got back from hanging outside,
I found Mom and Mira on the couch.
Mira was sobbing.
I asked Mom what happened.
” She is just so sad that E.T. had
to say goodbye to the boy.”
Mira started crying harder.

That was my yesterday.
Today Grandma called me, and asked me
to come clean.
After, Grandpa took me down with him
to this architect named Gerry.
He is willing to give us mulah
for every disc of photos we bring him.
Sweet, ay?

At 9:15, I was sat at the computer
and saw the sun setting.
I grabbed my camera and bolted out
the door, ran up the hill,
and took some pictures of the silhouettes
of trees and a building.
I ran back home when I found out
my nose was bleeding.

One more thing.
Here are some of my lovely cousins
that have come to visit
for a couple weeks.
I was so excited when they got here.
I love them all.
Seeing my Uncle Ed was also wonderful.
Infact, I sobbed when I hugged him.
(I wasn’t expecting that!)
He’s a big childhood memory of mine.

So, off I go.

I’ll be sleeping with a roll of toilet paper.
Pray that I won’t have blood all over me
when I wake up.

“You’re a shit! You’re such a little shit!”
Grandma got a little freaked out
with me.
I’ll never make fun of her goggles

Yesterday was quite exciting.
The girls (Grandma, Mom, Dede,
Rian, Sammy, Mira) and I went
to Mamma Mia,
which was absolutely hilarious.
I love the movies where you just
want to hop up and dance.
Being in musicals is a passion
of mine,
and seeing Mammia Mia
brought back good

Later in the day,
Harrison, Rian, and I went
with our grandparents to
The Dark Night.
We decided to go through
the Wendy’s drive-thru
to get some food to eat

M=Man, Gpa, Gma, A=Anne,
R=Rian, H=Harrison

At the Menu Part:
M=Hi, can I take your order?
Gpa= Yeah, I’d like two burgers,
one with…(he turns to us) what was it?
A&R=one with cheese, and one without.
Gpa=(to the man…)One with cheese and
one without.
Gma=No, both with cheese!
Gpa=(to the man..)Actually, both with cheese.
A&R=No, grandma, one without cheese.
Gma=No, Tom, one without cheese!
(Gpa puts his head on the wheel and sits
Gpa=Okay one burger without cheese!
M=Okay, anything else?
Gpa=Yeah, I’d like the frosty thing.
M=Okay, there is a frosty, or a chocolate
Gpa= The Frosty Shake.
(H,A&R burst out laughing in the back seat.)

As we drive to the first window,
we’re all teasing Grandpa. His response to us
is,”What the hell do you want?
He says this right when he’s at the man
at the first window. Oops.
Grandpa says, “There’s about 50 pounds of
hormones in this car.”
We all burst out laughing, as the man looks
at the back seats.
“Ask him if he’s wearing white shorts!” Grandma says
(See last blog)
Grandpa turns to the Man.
“I was asked to see if you are wearing
white shorts.”
The man closes the window on him.

The back seats waved goodbye to the man in the window,
and that was that.

The Dark Night ended up being fantastic.
Rian was about crying through the movie saying
(quite loudy),
“I am very concerned about those children.”
“Shh, Rian.”
“NO ANNE! I am VERY concerned for their safety.”
“They can’t die, they just can’t die!”
She rocks back and forth in her chair.

Today was quite an adventure.
Both my grandparents swore at me today.
That’s never happened before.

It was a great day.

Millions of things to talk about.
Getting up at 7:00 a.m. was
not the most fun thing
in the world.
“Garrett, smile!”
“Garrett, smile for the camera!”
“… I can’t smile”
I caught him at the end of “smile”.

Our first activity was weeding
a pumpkin patch.
Weeds, weeds, weeds,
For the first half,
I worked my butt off.
Bro. A yelled at everyone
and said that no one had
pulled as many weeds
as I did.
I felt pretty good, plus…
He owes me a shake.
The second half was crazy.
I was still working hard,
but decided to be super crazy.
I sang “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt,
“All the Small Things”,
and our wonderful
“Enchanted” songs.
I purposely became loud
and obnoxious
to see if I could piss anyone off.

Watergames were next.
All of the 11 wards that were
there for Youth Conference
rotated with groups to
the water activities.
There was one boy in our
group that all of the girls
just drooled over.
For one game,
I went and sat down
in the shade.
Sis. C was
hanging out with me
when Bro. A came over.
“Which one is your favorite?”
he said.
“Yeah, which is your favorite?”
I looked and said,
“Hmm, I think the guy in the
white shorts is my fav.”
He sat there for a sec,
then finally said,
“I was talking about the

Face flushes. Red cheeks.
He starts bursting out
I start laughing with total
Bro A grabs my hand and
starts dragging me to
White Shorts.
“No, no no no no.”
So, there’s me tugging at my
and I
own hand, while
Bro. A is dragging me
closer and closer…
to White Shorts.
He finally let me go,
and went to tell everyone
what I had just said.

After water games,
we all got ready for
dinner and the dance.
Since we had the 5th level
all to ourselves,
the girls were running
around yelling
if anyone had
red lipstick.
Well, at least I was.
When we were all ready,
we went down the elevator,
and our Young Men were
waiting there.
They escorted us to dinner
(which was kind of annoying
because the place we were
eating was like a mile,
and holding on to someone’s
sweaty arm isn’t pleasant)
and we had a great time.
The couples we had
at our table were
freaking hilarious.
Our stomachs all hurt at the end.
We had a great speaker
that told us to be stable with
our testimonies
and things like that.

Okay, the dance.
The dance was the
most fun thing on the planet!
It was outside in an
enclosed area
where trees surrounded
the dance cement floor.
I wish I brought my camera,
because it was just wonderful.
I went all out.
I danced with someone
for every slow song,
I swing danced with Bro. A
and everyone made a big
circle around us
(Cause apparently NO ONE
can swing dance).
I would say it was magical,
but “magical” is a pretty
cheesy word.
I did dance
with White Shorts.
Only because Sis. Can–
said she would harass him
to dance with me
if I didn’t ask him myself.
Ugh. So embarrassing.
This is why I keep things
to myself about boys.
It’s so much easier to control.
the whole thing was just great.