My grandpa just called me,
and guess what?

I have a mission to go out
and take pictures!

Woo, woo.

So exciting.

don’t forget about
my last post.


Off I go.

I finished my
punishment journal.

Last summer,
I got in a butt load
of trouble
for doing something
real stupid.
I wrote something
out in the public…
My dad said
I had an acid tongue
and gave me a journal.
He told me
the journal is so
I can write
anything I want
out of my acid tongue
and no one will know.
Punishment journal.

I kind of miss it.

All it was
was a composition
Y’know, one of those
black and white ones.
But I decorated it.
Ha, funny.
I decorated it black
and white.
I absolutely loved it.
I put in pictures,
drew things,
wrote poems,
Ugh. I loved it.
I wrote in it all
the time.

So, I bought myself
another composition
I haven’t decorated it.
I don’t write that much in it.
I don’t really know where
it is right now.

It’s hard to have a blog
and a journal.
The thing is,
I pretty much say
most of what I’m
or how my day went
in my blog.
So I don’t want to
re-write the whole
freaking thing in
my journal
all over again!

But, there are always
those tiny secrets
about everyday that
none of you know
Everyone has those little
If someone says
something to you,
you react.
Emotionally or
you react.
For example:
If someone says
you think, “Oh, that’s
or, “Oh whatever! That is
a total exaggeration.”
or, “What a freaking liar.
This is the stupidest thing
I’ve ever heard.”
or maybe even, “Hmm,
she doesn’t know her
likes his brother’s
friend’s cousin’s
girlfriend named
Cindy Lupon.”
Psh, whatever!
You get what I’m talking about?

You can’t just write those out
in the public.

I have to write in a journal,
but it’s such a pain to
What do you do,

Today was great.

Last night, Tasia and I
had a sleepover.
We giggled
and giggled
and giggled.

I walked down the road
and met up with Jaron
at the park.
We ran in the sprinklers,
and my nice
straightened hair
was all the sudden
poofed out and
We made silly faces across
the field,
played games at the
Gas Station,
and walked up with
up the road.

we walked to my
grandparent’s house
and talked with them
for a while.
Grandma and Grandpa
said to go play
Guitar Hero
Jaron rocked out
and sang along to
Mississippi Queen.

When we got to my house,
we played the piano,
sat around on the love sac,
and just hung out.

Fun, fun, fun!

I really love Jaron.
He’s a great friend
and we always find
silly things to do.
He’s great.

Now, it’s 8:36 P.M.
and my mom is reading
Max and Mira
bedtime stories.
It’s still really light
I think I’ll read,
or do stupid
English homework,
or draw,
or take pictures,
or play video games.

I’ll go with video games.

We went swimming for the Fourth of July.

My aunt has this huge pool,
so my mom’s whole side of the family
hung out there.

Sooo much fun.
I have one cousin that is exactly my age.
She is beautiful and wonderful, and well…
I just love her to death.
Her name is Ambryn.
Her mom married my uncle
and already had Ambryn and the others.
So I met Ambryn around four or six.
Since then,
we’ve had sleepovers, played polly pockets,
lived with each other,
gotten bruises from one another,
yelled at each other for a whole night
in the freezing cold rain,
all kinds of things.
So, while we were there,
my dad took us out driving.
Things we saw:

“Don’t hit the fat kid!”

Who knew that there were llamas here??

“Anne, go slow here. We don’t want to run over the deaf child.” “Ambryn, take a picture of the sign!”

“Whoa, dude. There’s a deer”

There you go.
It was fun. Ambryn and I are great drivers.
I did cut a guy off on a busy street,
and he honked at me.
That was humiliating.

After, we played Rockband!
I don’t have much to say about that, except that it was really fun.
My aunt has an awesome voice, even though she didn’t know half
the songs!
I just have so much fun being around people I love.

I love Ambryn
and Tarl
and Stacy
and Jeff
and Pam
and Lindsay
and Alex
and Cassidy
and Pshh
all of them.
They are all so sweet and just wonderful.
I really do love all of them.
So there.

So, this is where I have been for the past two days. Lying on the couch, singing Sesame Street, whining about my knees, picking my nose, whatever. This is where I’ve been.

While I’ve been sitting on the couch, I decided to yell at Mira to hold still, so I could draw her…
Then, I decided to yell at Harrison to hold still, so I could draw him! (Click on the photos to see better)

After that, everyone came over and we took pictures on photobooth!


See? My life is fabulous at the moment.
Hmm, what else? This morning, I woke up with a horrible bloody nose. I sat upstairs for 10 minutes with toilet paper shoved up my nostril. I had to go to work at nine, so I was already late.
When it finished, I went over the Kate’s house,
entertained her kids,
cleaned the downstairs,
vacuumed the whole house,
wiped the dust off all the base boards,
cleaned all the dirty bathrooms,
and made banana bread.
Proud of me?

The past weekend was good. Really really good.
Tasia and I went on the overnighter hike
and had so-o-o much fun.
Before we even started, I had to pee
and Tasia needed to go too.
So we went off and peed.
It was hilarious, because Tasia has never peed
out in nature before…
so before, I was showing her how to
hold on to this branch and bend her knees,
and stick out her bum
so she wouldn’t pee on herself.

It was quite an adventure.

When we were going up the hike,
everyone was dying and exhausted.
But for some reason, I was really energetic
and everytime we had to stop, I’d be singing
and jumping up and down.
Everyone thought I was crazy,
but I really wasn’t feeling anything in my thighs
yet, and I wasn’t really tired.

On the hike, there was a little waterfall and stream.
I took a picture of everyone with my camera,
but I wasn’t paying attention, and it turned out
really blurry.

I also had my grandparents video camera.
So that was really fun.
When we got up there,
Tadja, Miranda, Lauren, Tasia and I
set up the tent all by ourselves. Ha.
We sat in the tent, ate beef jerkey and cliff bars,
and talked about whatever we felt like.
I loved being with all those girls.
Everyone else’s tent had only two girls in it,
but we had a big group full of people we all loved
and it was so much fun!

We were the “trouble tent”, though.
Which was retarded cause we didn’t do anything wrong!
Lauren kept on telling me how happy she was to be there
over and over again.
I cried for her as I went to sleep.

Oh, I forgot something.
That night, everyone went around the fire and sang
their favorite hymn songs.
I was totally fine during the whole thing,
but then I started crying on just one part of a song.
“For the Beauty of the Earth: Third Verse, Second line down.”
Sob sob sob.

When we got up, the crew told everyone
to hurry up, cause we wanted to get down the mountain real fast.
Hm, I guess we were a little troublesome.
We sure weren’t the angels.
We just thought the leaders were a little dramatic.

There you go. I had an awesome time.


I feel horrible.
Everything is so sore,
and I feel like
My wrists, my arms,
my legs, my knees,
my head.
But why should I even talk
about it?
You’re not here with me.
You can’t feel the pain,
or every emotion
I’ve ever had.
All you can do is say,
“I’m sorry”,
and what good does that do?

Ha, okay I’m being stubborn.

I actually feel pretty good.
I had a wonderful day.
A lot of my good friends
hung out with me around some stores.
We played a game at Target,
poured water on each other,
walked around
the neighborhood I love,
and watched clouds.

I don’t think anyone else who
I was with
would have said the
same thing.
No one else really seemed to
be having a good time.
Infact, they either complained
the whole time,
or just looked like they were

But I’m good.

I slept over at my cousin’s house.
She’s wonderful.
She’s happy, athletic, sarcastic,
she sleeps like a mad man.
I learned at seven years old
to NOT sleep right by Ambryn,
or you will get kicked in the face.
Last night, she was on the floor,
and kept banging her feet
in sleep.
Ambryn, the mad man sleeper.

We went shopping today.
I felt bad for her,
because I am the most
picky shopper.
I bought perfume, and a dress.

We went on the trax.

I forgot how crazy it was.
I used to take the trax and
get on a bus every day to go home
from school.
Now I have moved,
and I’m one of those uptight freaks
who gets scared of hobos
that offer you milk.

I have to go pick up Mira at 11:18 from school.
What class gets out at 11:18?
Not 11:15. Not 11:20. 11:18.

I don’t really know what to talk about.
I had the hardest time sleeping last night,
because the wind wasn’t blowing and
it was uncomfortably warm.

I had a dream that I was at my highschool,
but it looked exactly like my middle school,
except the outside was really cool.
I saw Megan and Ana leaning against a tree
looking at something on a laptop.
I came up and hugged them, but
they just kept looking at the screen.

I miss Ana.

A lot.

Ope, I have exactly 8 minutes until I have to pick up Mira.



I mowed the lawn.
I haven’t mowed since last year, so I have blisters.

Our family went to Mira’s dance recital yesterday.
Every single class was awful.
It was sad to watch.
It reminded me of the time when I danced,
and a lady was ironing our dresses
when they were on our bodies.
The lady got to me
and ironed my stomach.
I screamed and she said
she was almost done.
I told her that she burned me,
and she told me to wait.
So she walked off,
and I stood there waiting.
It was a long time waiting,
and she wasn’t coming.
I started panicking,
so I ran out to look for water.
I couldn’t find any water.
I remember
thinking I was about to die.
So I danced with a big burn
on my stomach.

No fun.

So, the recital was not impressive at all.

We went and got ice cream after.