I had the best dream last night.
It was full of images that I could take
pictures of.
I so badly want to be a photographer.
I hate it.
I want to go places,
have people be models…
I also want to learn more of
Graphic Design.
I like this kind of stuff.

My dream was so cool.

Yesterday was a great day!
I went over to Tasia’s early in the
We just sat there and did nothing,
but I liked being around her,
even when we’re lazy.
I borrowed one of Harrison’s shirts,
(Probably one of Alex’s)
didn’t put any make-up on,
and just had a happy day!
I felt so good about myself.

Later, I went to mutual.
We played volleyball,
and had a water balloon fight.
I saw people I haven’t seen
in forever!
It was nice to see friends
that I hung out with a long time
When everyone left,
Lauren and I talked to
Taylor for a while.
Then, Miranda came.
Then, Harrison and Gage.
Ugh, it was so fun!
We talked until 10:30.
I’ve missed those summer nights!

Well, I’m listening to “Geile Zeit”
on my playlist,
and I’m getting a little emotional.
It’s funny how songs do that to you.
If you haven’t noticed, it’s German
and it’s talking about
How “it was a cool time”
and now it’s over.
Sniff, sniff.

7:44 P.M. and I’m still in my pajamas! Yippi!
Don’t you love summer?

Last night, I had a sleepover with my friends
on the trampoline.

It’s so crazy how many things you can look at
when you’re just staring at the sky.

Tasia and I were staring at this one, bright star
and it kept moving around just a little bit.

We saw a satellite.

It was wonderful.

Now, Megan is gone, Tasia is gone,
Jaron’s gone, Dad’s gone….

Bleck. Nothing to do.

Off I go.

First post.
So, here is how my wonderful Monday has gone.
Mom woke me up at 7:00 to tell me that I had an appointment.
A dermatology appointment.
So, I did all that fun stuff – –
peed in a cup, talked to the doctor, all that junk.
Then I went to a hospital to get some blood work done.
My best friend, Tasia, was sitting with me as I was about
to get a big honker stuck in my vein.
Since I was a little freaked with the whole deal,
the doctor asked if I wanted to hold Tasia’s hand.
Psh, I laughed and said I was fine.

I ended up holding Tasia’s hand.

So, I’ve pretty much been a big baby all day,
saying my arm is soar and complaining about
whatever I feel like.

Now, I’m just hanging on my bed, looking at my
rearranged room.
Everytime I get really stressed out, I change my room around.
It seems to help. Haha. What do you do to stop stress?

Off I go.